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Everett based Podcasters / Videocasters;
Rob Bramblett ( Singer/Songwriter, Award Winning Soundman, Founder Fully Loaded Podcast) Terry Boutwell (Founder Fully Loaded Podcast) Darren Nielson (Savvy Minds) Rick Bowen (Award winning Musician) along side with our Producer Kevin Young (Blues TV). We just have alot of fun talking about our life experiences, life in general topics, lot's of comedy, as well as some heartfelt moments! Including special guest's...local and national musicians, artist's, friends and family, and an occasional celebrity. You never know what's going to happen script, no plan, just spur of the moment real life talk... we have also been known to host a few after hours parties, concerts, and benefit shows or fundraisers as well as festivals interviewing all the passer byer's or event staff! So catch up with us and follow us- you might be on our next episode... We are kind of a " Cheer's atmosphere", hanging with the the Saturday detention "Breakfast Club crew" bringing it to you live with own Seattle Vibe!!
- Just a Killer Fun Podcast-

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